A new box with a story every month

Every month you are sent a box with multiple different products made in Luxembourg.

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Every product has a unique story

Just sending you a box with products is not interresting. If you hear from the person who made the product why he/she made it and how it is used, things start to make more sense. This is why I meet with the people behind the products in Luxembox. With every Luxembox comes a link where you can watch the videos of the people behind the products in the box.

See the video from Luxembox #3

How the money is spent

For every Luxembox, I tell all customers how their money was spent. Next to being very transparant, it's actually quite educational.

The face behind Luxembox

Jens Buch, 41 year-old passionate entrepreneur. Born and raised in Luxembourg.

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Luxembox #1 - It's for real

On 29th Jan 2021, 137 Luxembox #1 were shipped. On the picture you see what was in the box.

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When and what?

In order to keep the shipping date (last business day of the month), an order deadline is needed. This is the 15th of every month.

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